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Donald J. Trumpのテレグラムから:JST 2021/7/1

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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


Just like in the 2020 Presidential Election, it was announced overnight in New York City that vast irregularities and mistakes were made and that Eric Adams, despite an almost insurmountable lead, may not win the race. The fact is, based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won. The Presidential Race was a Scam and a Hoax with numbers and results being found that are massive, shocking, and determinative. Watch the mess you are about to see in New York City, it will go on forever. They should close the books and do it all over again, the old-fashioned way, when we had results that were accurate and meaningful.

2020年の大統領選挙と同じように、ニューヨーク市で一夜にして、大きな不規則性と間違いがあり、エリック・アダムスはほとんど乗り越えられないリードにもかかわらず、レースに勝てない可能性があると発表されました。 事実は、何が起こったかに基づいて、誰が本当に勝ったのか誰も知ることができないということです。 大統領選挙は詐欺とデマであり、大規模で衝撃的で決定的な数と結果が見つかりました。 あなたがニューヨーク市で見ようとしている混乱を見てください、それは永遠に続くでしょう。 正確で意味のある結果が得られたら、彼らは本を閉じて、昔ながらの方法でもう一度やり直す必要があります。


ICYMI: "Sales at Trump properties skyrocket post-presidency"

Read the full article by Mary K. Jacob with the New York Post here (https://nypost.com/2021/06/28/trump-property-sales-skyrocket-but-at-lower-prices/).


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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


The New York City Election, even though an embarrassment and total mess, is far better and more accurate than my 2020 Presidential Election—so what are people complaining about!



Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


Gen. Mark Milley’s greatest fear is upsetting the woke mob.


When Black Lives Matter rioters were threatening to destroy Washington, D.C., he practically begged me not to send in the military to stop the riots.


Milley later issued an embarrassing and groveling apology for walking at my side to St. John’s Church, which far-left rioters almost burned to the ground the day before. Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself—a humiliation for our Military. A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool.


Now, in yet another desperate ploy to impress the Radical Left and keep his job, Milley made-up a false story that he yelled at me in the Situation Room. This is totally Fake News. If he had displayed such disrespect for his Commander-in-Chief I would have fired him immediately.


To further ingratiate himself with Biden, progressive Media, and the Radical Left, Milley went to Congress and actually defended Critical Race Theory being shoved down the throats of our soldiers. This Marxist, racist anti-American propaganda has no place in our Military—I banned these training programs, now Biden and the Pentagon have resumed them. As soon as possible, Congress must defund this racist indoctrination.


Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be replaced with someone who is actually willing to defend our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag.



Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America


Heading to the Southern Border, which has never, in our Country’s long history, been worse. We had the most successful Border policy in American history—and now we have, by far, the least successful policy. People are coming in by the millions. They are destroying our Country! See you soon.

私たちの国の長い歴史の中で、これまでにないほど悪化した南の国境に向かうこと。 私たちはアメリカの歴史の中で最も成功した国境政策を持っていました—そして今、私たちははるかに成功していない政策を持っています。 人々は何百万人もやって来ています。 彼らは私たちの国を破壊しています!

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梅雨の晴れ間!=アメリカ情勢:変化なし、7月4日に動きはあるか?=Melania Trumpのテレグラムから:JST 2021/7/1